Software Testing

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is a vital part of the life cycle of software development. It provides valuable information to organizations and stakeholders about the quality of a product or service. Sometimes that software or service is brand new and at risk of software bugs or somewhere in the middle of the development process. And sometimes it’s an established software or service in need of a change.

Who Does Software Testing?

Part of the responsibilities of software developers is the maintenance of the product or service over the lifetime of development.

As developers write test scripts and analyze test data, it helps them develop a plan for release and documentation.

Test cases give up valuable information about how customers interact with the product and whether the product or service actually performs. Software developers perform a variety of testing types depending on the situation.

Performance testing and system testing are two basics that reveal valuable information about the way the product or service works. Integration testing helps businesses know if their product has weak points between individual components.

Functional testing and black box testing determines if each component performs to specifications.

Learn Software Testing

Courses and Certifications can build your skills in various testing capacities. Our course builds fundamental skills such as object-oriented programming and Agile methods.

We also offer Software Testing Fundamentals designed to equip you for the testing lifecycle. You can also take courses that will teach you the fundamentals of security testing, agile testing, static testing, and even state of the art property testing.

Courses also explain how AI can automate some of your testing tools, removing the need for manual testing which can shorten the development process. Test data is a vital part of the release plan, and missing requirements could derail everything.

The Importance of Software Testing

Testing methodologies have a reputation for being laborious, but new testing processes can ensure that your SDLC is effective. Quality assurance is a critical part of software development, so building a career in this thriving industry involves knowing which testing techniques to perform when. Software testers will be a vital piece of this equation, providing companies with the reassurance that new products and services will launch flawlessly.

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